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She's have to admit Illinois wasn't California but she had learned to like it for the few months she had been living there. Things for her had been hard, moving to this cold state out of need not want but it was worth it. Her reason for living California was put behind bars and away from her forever. Fox River held her rapist ex boyfriend and she only hoped he would be getting it twice as bad from the cons there.

Sitting at the desk in her studio apartment she had newpaper cuttings, magazine articles, anything at all she could read about the one man she didn't think should be in prison. She had heard from people that there were trying to get this Lincoln Burrows off of death row and back to freedom and she wanted to help. She needed to help. In London she had helped start a battered women's shelter called Not Another Day and when she seen someone that needed help she often tossed all she was into helping them. Phone in her tan skinned hand she dailed the numbers she had been given, to call the one person she had been seeking out, Veronica Donovan.

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It killed her to see Linc that way. Beat. Brokedown. In prison due to something he didn't do. While other murderers and rapists were in Gen Pop, Linc was sitting on death row. It's such bullshit, she thought. And moreover, true. It pained her to see Linc in this situation. To see his spirit broken. To see little Michael in there too, must've hurt Lincoln as well. It was like their whole family was sucked into this giant ball of chaos and it would continue on down the line. And has, with LJ.

As she sat across from Linc, discussing his predicaments, she shot a nervous glance to Nick, who sat like stone. Veronica shook her head, and turned back to Lincoln. "The call came from DC," she mumbled softly. As some random, loud, annoying bell interrupted the conversation, she glanced in the direction of the doorway as an officer exclaimed that they had to leave. "We-," she started, but was cut off once again by the guard. Standing from the table, she nodded down sympathetically at Linc, before turning with Nick and leaving the room. And then as they both left the room, they were escorted by another officer out of the prison and watched as the bulky doors locked behind them. Veronica let out a sigh, and turned away, leaving Nick to trail behind her.

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